Raising Tiny Humans Is Hard

Society says a stay at home mom is a mom that stays home and raises the children.

Society says a working mom is a mom that works outside of the home and earns a paycheck.

I say society is full of crap.

I too raise tiny humans, even though I go to work everyday.

A stay at home mom doesn’t sit around and do nothing all day. She too works.

Let’s break this down real quick:

We both do countless loads of laundry. We both have dishes that need washed, homework that needs supervised, children that need bathed, yards that need mowed, and groceries that need bought. We both have meals that need cooked, bills that need paid, and floors that need vacuumed. We both have children that whine, and birthday parties to plan. We both have piles of dirty clothes sitting next to a hamper, because the tiny humans in our homes feel that putting them IN the hamper is too hard. We both trip over shoes that get left in the middle of floor, and step on legos that didn’t get picked up.

We both have days that we feel like we need a break, because it is all just a little too much.

We both count the minutes from when our husband gets off work, to when he arrives in the driveway.

We both have the guilt. Sure, that guilt may stem from different places, but its still guilt, no matter how you look at it.

I feel stressed from work. She feels isolated and alone.

Are you paying enough attention to the children? Is your house clean enough? Are you paying your husband enough attention? Your friendships?

Sometimes, I wish I was a stay at home mom, but I know that I couldn’t be. Putting the financial part of that decision aside, I am simply not cut out to be a stay at home mom. I love my kids, but I would go absolutely crazy. I am not patient enough to stay at home. I would have a hard time going without the adult interaction all day every day. It takes a special kind of woman to stay at home.

I’m sure some women day dream of leaving the house and going to work. To get around other adults, and contribute financially to their home. But for them, the guilt of leaving their kids may be too much, which is why they chose to stay home in the first place.

No matter which side of the fence you’re on,

raising tiny humans is hard.

If we would all stop debating which one is harder, and start supporting one another, maybe we could make motherhood a little bit easier for everyone.

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