Mom Guilt is Real.

Every decision you make a mom defines who your children will become.

We’ve all heard of it. Mom guilt. A force so powerful, it can make the strongest of women crumble. I am here to tell you, you are not alone.

Every decision you make as a mom defines who your children will become. Vaccinate, or no? Breast feed, or formula? Should we cosleep, or let them cry it out? Cloth diapers, or disposable? Should I home school, or send them to public school? Limit screen time, or embrace technology? Should I stay at home, or should I go back to work? The answers to some of these questions may be a no brainer for you. You may struggle with finding the right answer to others. There isn’t a right or wrong, but rather what works for you.

For my husband and I, there was never any question as to whether or not I would return to work after our first son was born. Or when our daughter was born. Or when our youngest son was born. I am an at work mom.

Do I wonder if I work too much? Yes.
Do I miss out on things I wanted to be present for? Sometimes.
Does it break my heart when they throw a fit while I’m trying to leave for work? Absolutely.
Do I wonder if 20 years from now one of my kids will be sitting in therapy discovering that I screwed them up because I worked for 40+ hours a week outside of the home? NO.

There is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom. For us, that just wasn’t the best option. Society says that you cannot be both a fantastic mom and a dedicated employee. I am pushing back at that idea, and saying that society is wrong.

I am a working mom, and I refuse to let society bully me into doubting my capabilities as a mother.

If you are a working mom, and you feel that mom guilt creeping in, remember this: If we are going to change the way society views us, then we have to change the way we view ourselves.

So pour yourself a glass of wine (or 2), and push the guilt aside. You are an at work mom, and you’re damn good at it.