To My First Born

I love you. I’ve loved you since before you were born. You are the one that first made me a mother.

You were an adorable, happy boy. Your smile could (and still does) light up a room.

It wasn’t all giggles though. You were a colicky baby, and I spent many, many nights pacing back and forth trying to make you happy. Thank goodness for your dad and your grandma. I can only imagine the number of times the three of us carried you, swaddled tightly, back and forth across the house.

You were my little buddy. We did everything together. We napped together, everyday. Whenever you’d get stir crazy, your Great Grandma Sally would say to me, “He’s got cabin fever. Bring him to visit, it’ll help.”

So, I’d load you in the car, and we go across town to visit Grandma Sally. And ya know what, she was right. It always put you in a better mood to get out of the house. You’re still that way today. Too much time stuck inside at home makes you a little cranky; and whiny.

We had a lot of adventures, you and I. I worked a lot of nights, so we spent a lot of time together one on one while your dad was at work, and you’d have that same kind of time with him at night while I was working. In fact, this was our routine for so long that you would only let your dad tuck you in at night. Even now you forget to tell me goodnight sometimes.

You were only three when your sister was born, so I know you don’t remember how excited you were to have a baby sister. But I remember.

You couldn’t wait to meet her. I cherish the way you smiled down at her when you held her on your lap for the first time. You looked so proud holding her, and I was so proud of you.

I am still so proud of you. Even when you drive me so crazy that I want to pull my hair out.

You amaze me everyday.

When you started kindergarten, I was so worried for you. You were so shy and timid. Over the years, you have flourished. You are a great student, and you’ve made so many friends. You’ve really come out of your shell.

You are such a sweet boy. You are kind, happy, and smart. You are an amazing big brother; so empathetic toward, and protective of both your siblings.

I am so proud to be your mom.
I’m sure I don’t tell you that enough.
I can’t wait to see what kind of great things are in store for you.

I love your sister and your brother dearly, but I will always cherish those few years when it was me and you, just us two.

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