K is for Kissing

My daughter is five and in kindergarten.

We all know kids are curious, and that the behavior I am about to tell you about is perfectly normal.

On Friday, she came home from school and told us that a boy kissed her at school.

Their conversation went like this:

Daughter: “Daddy, guess what!”
Husband: “What?”
her: “A boy kissed me at school today!”
him: “Why?”
her: “I don’t know! He just did.”
him: “Well, did you want him to?”
her: “No. I told him not to, and then he did it again!”
him: “Did you tell your teacher?”
her: “Yes.”
him: “Did she take care of it?”
her: “Yes.”

**End of discussion. She went about her business, and we didn’t really think too much more about it.**

Tonight at parent teacher conferences, her teacher asked us if Sadie had told us about “the incident”.

She told us that things like this are pretty common in kindergarten, and that she had told the little boys parents about it, so that they could have a conversation with him as well.

She then went on to tell us that she had already met with the boys parents for their p/t conference earlier today. Apparently, the boy brought a piece of paper with him to show her.

One side of the paper that boy had written twenty-five sentences:
I will not kiss people at school.

On the other side of the paper, he had written twenty-five more sentences:
I will stop when someone tells me to stop.

I wish I had met the parents of this little boy.

Like her teacher said, these “incidents” are common in kindergarten. What is important is how you handle it.

She said she was more concerned with the fact that the boy disregarded her telling him not to kiss her, than she was with the fact that he kissed her in the first place.

So was I.

And luckily, so were his parents.

As someone who is raising two boys, I know that someday I will have to have the “what is consent” conversation. I hope it sticks with them, and that I don’t screw it up. Maybe we should make them write the meaning of ‘consent’ twenty-five times. *just kidding*

I don’t know who the boy was, and I don’t know who his parents are, but well done guys. You are on track of raising a good man. And the world needs good men.

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  1. I love this! I also have a 5 year old in kindergarten. I’m hoping she doesn’t run into the same incident, but on the chance that it happens (which is pretty high), I hope the other kid’s parents react in the same way as yours did.

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