Elf on the Shelf: Let’s Talk About It

Elf on the shelf. Is there really an American family that doesn’t have one?

**Yes, I’m sure there is. But you get my point.**

The damn elf took America by storm. And I’ll admit, I fell into it too.

In my defense, I fell into the trap 3 years ago. One child was a toddler, one was a baby, and one didn’t exist yet.

It seemed like a good idea. It was cute. It would be fun.


Well, sort of. It is cute.

And the kids get a real kick out of looking for Everest in the morning. He’s a sneaky little elf, and he’s damn good at hide and seek.

But let me tell you, nothing makes you feel like a failure quite like forgetting the elf does.

Our elf comes back the day after Thanksgiving.

Except this year.

I heard my daughter talk about him on Thanksgiving. My mom brain heard it, and then forgot it.

This morning she woke up, and went looking. She didn’t find him. She didn’t find him, because I forgot to get him out.

I told her maybe he was running late.

I’m always running late, so it seemed legit that he is too. She bought it. I think.

Fast forward a few years, and we’re way past just an elf. Now we have elf pets. AND ELF BABIES!

I have a hard enough time remembering to move one elf. What in the world would I do with pets? Who has time to move and stage an entire elf family? I know I don’t.

Every year, I have to set a reminder on my phone to move the elf. Every year, I run out of ideas on where to put it.

Every year, I kick myself for starting this “tradition”.

Part of me is looking forward to when my oldest son learns the truth.

I know that sounds horrible. But, I see it as an opportunity for him and I to have some holiday fun together. He will be able to help me come up with new ideas, and we can stage the elf together. And then we can watch, together, the joy that our hard work brings to his brother and sister.

It’ll be our secret.

Any of my fellow moms of multiple kids that are feeling burnt out with the elf, hold tight! There is hope, a light at the end of the tunnel! Someday, it’ll be a fun activity that your kids can take part in. It’ll help keep the magic of Christmas alive for your older kids when they get to be a part of the Christmas magic for their younger siblings.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Q — Ever wondered how to “revive the elf magic” when your tiny human touches the elf?

A — Put a little bit of glitter in a container labeled ‘Christmas Magic’. If someone accidentally touches the elf, sprinkle a little bit of ‘Christmas Magic’ on him. 24 hours later, he’s good as new!

* * * * * * * * * *

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